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Since we began in 2018, Yungger Products has been on a mission to make quality outdoor picnic and beach blankets more accessible to homes far and wide. We design affordable, functional products that help you while making your life just a little bit easier and more comfortable.


Life’s a beach. Or a picnic. or a soccer game. In fact, ANY open-air event is better with our fully functional Outdoor Blankets. Designed for easy transport, our blankets features an zippered storage pouches and a quick-fold design, perfect for today’s active families. The durable water-resistant fabric is ideal for any surface and the inner lining quickly wipes clean in case of crumbs or juice box spills.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without the valuable feedback we receive from our customers. With their input, we are able to continuously improve our products and experiences by tailoring our growth to their needs.


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